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KlimtHouse is an elegant and prestigious executive apartament building, the tank of which is marked by its excellent location and exceptional architecture.
The name of the building and the character of its interiors allude to the work of Gustav Klimt - a painter and graphic artist of Vienna Secession. Motfis of the artist`s work can be found, among others, in the precisely arranged comon areas. The use of elegant finishing materials makes Klimt House a unique project, combining in itself the elements which fascinate the viewer in Klimt`s art: elegance, sensuality and colour.
The entrance to Klimt House runs through a representative hall with a reception desk, whose elements of dcor allude to Gustav Klimt`s creativity.

There are 60 air-conditioned apartaments designed in the building, the areas of which range from 41 to 190 sqm. Each apartaments has a balcony, a loggia or a terrace. On the last two floors there are two-level apartmaents designed, offering a very attractive interior and functional layout. Open space in the from of a mezzanine has been designed in some of the living rooms on the top floors enabling arrangement of e.g. a library.
Occupants will have more than 80 parking spaces at their disponsla in the underground garage area.
The inside courtyard of Klimt House is designed as recreational space, with carefully arranged greenery and elements of small architecture. Klimt House residents will be able to use a recreational area consisting of a fitness zone offers modern equipment for physical exercises and aerobics. The relaxation zone is a place where one may rest and use the Finnish sauna. High quality audio equipment ie installed in the hal and lifts, allowing for background music to be played.
Trolleys for carrying shopping nd heavier items contitute an additional improvement for Klimt House occupant. the trolleys ale available in the garage hall, from which it is a possible to reach residential floors of the building by lift. Modern monitoring and acces control solutions have been applied in the project. The whole complex will be enclosed. Its car park will be accesed through a gate controlled by a remote control and it will only be possible to enter the building by passing through the reception. Guests will be able to contact a resident directly or the reception-desk via a video-telephone placed next to main entrance. The building is fully accesible for handicapped people..